Quality Step

Rica Lewis engagement lies upon the quality of the materials used. Its teams search for textiles and put them throught rigorous tests.

Thanks to a well developed partnership with European textiles procducers, dyers and textile laboratories, Rica Lewis structure remains always on top.

Our team of designers uses the latest technologies in the clothing sector. Every year more than 200 designs are developed with the help of the latest generation system Lectra.

Rica Lewis


Sport Spirit

Rica Lewis, always supporting sports.

Fair Trade Cotton

Faire Trade Cotton jeans, a real citizen approach

Rl Fibreflex

A perfect jean elasticity, adapting to every move.

Rica Lewis
Carros, 1ère avenue, 6001 M, BP 151 - 06513 CARROS Cedex France
Tel : 04 92 08 21 21 - Mail : contact@ricalewis.com

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