Quality Step


Rica Lewi's engagement lies upon the quality of the materials used. Its teams search for textiles and put them throught rigorous tests.

Thanks to a well developed partnership with European textiles procducers, dyers and textile laboratories, Rica Lewis structure remains always on top.


Our team of designers uses the latest technologies in the clothing sector. Every year more than 200 designs are developed with the help of the latest generation system Lectra.

This system 
enables us to optimise the cut and 
provides us with all details on the textile 
consumption and feeds us with all 
necessary information needed for the 
development of a technical file for each of 
our models. 
This includes the cycle production and all 
quality control steps for each material 


After every launching, all orders are taken care of 
by the production line. For every product the textile 
and all necessary accessories for completion of an 
order, are prepared and controlled before being 
shipped over/sent to the production sector. Each 
order has its own identity card corresponding to its 
model, this includes the patron, the work cycle, the 
finishing instructions, the washing, the ironing and 
the complete description of
the materials used.
On each site of production, the orders go through 
systematic and continuous controls of our Rica 
Lewis quality technicians.


The last control is done by our technical platform in 
Italy before being shipped to our clients