The history of our trademark

1928 : Family company founded by Mrs. Rica Levy 
pioneer of the jeans in France

1945 : The jeans arrive in Europe at the same time 
as the GI’s

1948 : Introduction of the first jeans for women: the 
zip is at the front and not on the side

1950 : The jeans is the symbol of the youth’s 
revolution. We associate it to the black 
leather jackets and to the Harley :
It’s the teenagers’ phenomenon.

1970 : Fashion code and symbol to the hippie 

1973 : In New York, the museum of contemporary 
art, exposes a selection of decorated 
jeans…which attracts 10000 visitors

1978 : First appearance of “Stone washed”, a new 
process that bombards the denim with small 
volcanic stones.